Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Star Reviews for this Award Winner!

“Awesomely blunt and humorous and never a dull moment. This is a great read.”

5 Stars!  A MUST READ This book was Amazing!! It made me laugh, cry and even taught me some things even though I am a Mother of 2! Thanks for sharing you "Motherhood" with us!!

5 Stars!  A Touching Look at the Joys and Pitfalls of Motherhood Penned by a REAL mom, this book will make you laugh and cry. If you're a mother too, you'll see yourself and your kids on every page. Eleanor writes like she lives -- with lots of humor and lots of love.”

5 Stars!  If you are a mom you have got to read this book! I don't typically find time to read but I couldn't put this book down! This view on raising your family from inside the mind of a mom herself was fantastic! Very entertaining and comforting to know that maybe I'm not going crazy and other moms are experiencing the same ups and downs. If you are mom you have got to read this book!”

5 Stars!  It sure is one heck of a ride!! This book hands down has to be one of the best books I have read on motherhood. I myself am a mother to a five year old and a step mother to an eight year old. I have been reading so many books on motherhood and how to be there for them as they grow but they're all statistics and don't have a lot of stories/ memories in them. This book has me excited for this crazy mommy go round ride that I'm on! The author was smart, witty, comical, and a Witch at 10 pm! I cannot wait until this fresh new author comes out with more books!

5 Stars!  This is a must read for every woman who has raised children! This book will warm your heart, make you laugh as well as shed a few tears! Anyone who has had the experience of raising children can relate to the stories in this book! And for those of you who have not yet had the experience of being a mother, you will enjoy it as well. El adds humor to those situations where you aren't sure if you are appreciated, gives insight on how to play detective once the little darlings reach the teenage years, and shows you that if you continue to love your children through the good and bad times, it all pays off.”

5 Stars!  This was a very funny, touching read. El has covered just about anything and everything that we come across as parents! Her writing style makes you feel as though you were right there through it all. Don't pass this one up!”

5 Stars!  The book was a great beach read.  The author paints very vivid scenes.  It is witty, funny, charming, heartwarming, heart breaking and full of love.  The book is an enjoyable read for anyone -- even if you do not have children.  While the primary focus of the book is the role of mom the author's own childhood memories will strike a cord with many.  You will laugh, you will cry and you will definitely enjoy the journey.  I hope  to see more books from this new author.”

5 Stars!  “This book is both funny and touching. All Mothers will be able to relate to the author's trials & tribulations of Motherhood. Nice to know you're not alone on this crazy journey!”

5 Stars!  Definitely Take This For A Spin! I chose 5 stars for this review, because as a fellow mom myself of 3 children, aged 10 and under, I find it a challenge to eat a meal without shoveling it in, let alone take time to myself to read a book, but this was such an enjoyable read for me, that I not only somehow found the time to enjoy the book but I re-read certain chapters simply because of the joy I got out of being able to relate to the author's experiences and outlook on life with children. Her descriptions of the ups and downs that come along with the merry-go-round of juggling life, marriage and parenthood not only bring humor, but a sense of a relief to know that you're not on this ride alone, and there are others out there who think and act just like you. I highly recommend this book to any mother out there, young or old, or anyone who will soon be given this ticket to ride the merry-go-round of motherhood!”

5 Stars!  Can't wait for "The Granny-Go-Round"! I felt like I was reliving my feelings as my little darlings were growing up! I laughed, I cried, and laughed some more. Eleanor's stories could easily be turned into a sitcom! Totally relatable. A must read! I eagerly will be waiting for the sequel!”

5 Stars!  “Love it - can totally relate to so much in this book about our raising children.”

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