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Five Star Professional Reviews & Many More!

 Five Star Professional Reviews & Many More!

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite    Review Rating: 5 Stars! 
I honestly loved The Mommy-Go-Round by Eleanor D. Alspaugh. I have already been through the child raising years, and it confirmed for me that it’s not easy to raise kids, and that the most important things you can bring to the process are love, patience, and perspective. Eleanor D. Alspaugh does a great job of drawing on the lessons and experiences of her own childhood, and those of her time as a mother, to create a wonderful picture of the American family as it should be. This is not a “How to” book or an instruction manual on raising kids, but I think it would make a great gift for young mothers. I think there are a lot of things a young mother or father can learn from this book and it is very entertaining.

The Mommy-Go-Round is well written, well organized, and very humorous. It covers almost every situation a parent will encounter on the long journey called parenthood. I enjoyed the essays on Christmas and other special days the most. These are the times that stick out in my mind when I think about my own childhood or my time as a young parent. I wish The Mommy-Go-Round had been available when my son was born. I would have had a little bit of a heads up on some of the joys and trials that would come, and I could have been a little better and more understanding helper to his mother. I applaud Eleanor D. Alspaugh for writing The Mommy-Go-Round and, looking at all the beautiful pictures of her happy family taken through the years, I can understand why she had to.

Reviewed By Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite    Review Rating: 5 Stars! 
The Mommy-Go-Round by Eleanor D. Alspaugh opens with her bumpy road to conception and goes on to record the traumatic birth of her first baby, she and her husband taking their daughter home, and Holly’s early years. The tragedy of miscarriage, and the doubts tests suggested for a second developing new life caused an unplanned gap in the couple’s family and Julianne was born when Holly was four years old. A son, Nathan, pre-natal tests jettisoned with the doubts, completed the threesome. The Mommy-Go-Round follows Mrs. Alspaugh’s joys and trials of being a mother until, unexpectedly, she finds herself preparing to be a grandmother. Throughout this beautifully illustrated book, she tells readers all the things nobody else will about the tumultuous journey of life when a woman, particularly if she is a Christian with high expectations of herself, embarks on motherhood.

Half-close your eyes and The Mommy-Go-Round reads as The Merry-Go-Round and I suspect that this is Eleanor D. Alspaugh’s intention. Full of facts, the reassurance that any reader who is a mother is not alone, and amazingly revealing honesty, this book can best be described as a carousel. If I needed a title for an Amazon reader’s review, it would be “Mommy’s Crazy Carousel, grab your copy NOW.”
I laughed, I cried, and recognized familiar feelings of inadequacy. My favorite quote is in the title of chapter two, when Holly’s birth is imminent. “BTW, does this come with ANY instructions?” The Mommy-Go-Round is written in a style that lets you hear Mrs. Alspaugh’s voice as if you were a friend drinking coffee at her kitchen table, assuming there is even time for a Mommy TO sit!

Seriously Reading Review: 5 Stars!  97% Rating!                                                     
The Mommy-Go-Round is a book about relationships by Eleanor D. Alspaugh. A resident of Carlisle, Alspaugh is the mother of three children and has worked as an assistant vice president. She is a graduate of Shippensburg University, and has been writing since childhood. She is currently working on a book that narrates her father’s World War 2 experiences. However, she has only written one book to date which is ‘The Mommy-Go-Round’.  It is a humorous and heart-warming book that talks about motherhood.

The Mommy-Go-Round is a very ‘real’ story that will make you laugh and cry. Alspaugh has written this book in a way that makes it enjoyable to read. There are instances in the book when you will simply laugh out loud. There are also parts that will make you emotional and sad. This book is written for all the mothers out there and the story is something they can easily relate to. Mothers with tweens will find this book especially interesting, as it will take them on  one hell of a roller coaster ride. Humor, advice, and insights are the three things this book offers.

The Mommy-Go-Round is a fun to read book. It has a lesson for young mothers on how to ‘really’ become a mother and raise children. After reading this book, they will be better equipped to deal with their kids or tweens. Also, this book will allow all mothers to see their children differently. Many grandmothers would be wishing that they had read this book before raising their children—it is that good. The book narrates the joy and trials of motherhood. It has a humorous as well as a touching story. The book is definitely worth reading and is highly recommended for all the young mothers out there.

“For any mom who has looked around at any point and thought, "How did I get here?" this books is well worth the read!”

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